Extended Day Programs

                                       EXTENDED DAY PROGRAMS

The Title 1 program is designed to increase student achievement, particularly for those students facing academic challenges. To address this need, all Westfield elementary and middle schools offer extended day / out of school learning programs for those students who are having difficulty meeting grade level expectations.
Each school, in conjunction with a team of staff and administrators, has created a plan for offering extra learning time to the students who will benefit most. Because each school is unique, so are their extended day programs. Some schools offer programs after school; others find before school programs to be more effective. At the middle school level Saturday sessions may be an option. The grade levels serviced and content areas (math, reading, etc.) are also determined by the individual school.
Extended Day/ Out of School Learning Programs are available at all elementary and middle schools - even those that do not qualify for regular Title 1 services. For more information about your school's extended learning program, please contact your principal or the Title 1 office.
Check back for more information about these programs when they are finalized for this year.