Math 180

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MATH 180 is a math intervention program for grades 6+. It is designed to address the needs of struggling students and their teachers. The program combines classroom support and adaptive software, which provides students with personalized instruction and practice. By allowing students to learn, practice and review at their own pace, each student receives instruction which reflects their strengths and weaknesses.
There are several components of the MATH 180 program, including:
  - Student Dashboards that display your child’s recent achievements and
    provide access to the areas of instruction. 
  - Personalized software to build skills and provide practice in essential areas
    such as Operations and Algebraic Thinking, Number and Operations in Base
    Ten and Number in Operations in Fractions—skills necessary for success in
  - Access to fun and engaging math games in and out of the classroom through
    the Brain Arcade, a personalized playlist of games that build strategic and
    computational fluency.