About Family Nights

                                             FAMILY NIGHTS

Your feedback has told us that when you have free time, you want to spend it with your kids! Instead of separate family nights and parent information workshops, ALL OUR EVENTS ARE NOW FAMILY ACTIVITIES. We will still provide lots of information for parents, but there will no longer be separate parent-only workshops. 

   What are family nights? Title 1 family nights are
fun, educational
   activities for the whole family. Most elementary school events have 
   activities for grades K-5. If an event is geared to a specific grade level, the
   description will clearly indicate this. Middle School events are suitable for 
   grades 6-8. ALL family members are welcome at every event, regardless of
   age - we love grandmas & grandpas and activities can often be adapted
   for younger siblings. You are also welcome to bring a friend.

   Where do family nights take place? In order to offer a variety of
   events, Title 1 family nights are hosted by individual schools, but are open
   to families from all Westfield Schools. Don't be shy!  Expand your horizons
   by visiting different schools. Get directions to Title 1 schools.

Where can I get more information on a topic or follow-up
Our family events often include take home activities or information. 
If you
   would like more activity suggestions or information on a particular topic,
   contact us and we will do our best to provide you with it. 

   What if we want to participate in an event but we have a
   schedule conflict?  

   If your schedule doesn't permit you to attend an activity you and your
   child are interested in, it is often possible for us to provide you with some
   of the materials so you can complete the activities at home. If possible,
   please make your request before the event so we can reserve materials for
   you. Bingo for Books, our most popular activity, is offered on multiple
   dates and locations throughout the year.