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Welcome to our "Back to School" Information Page.  Westfield Public Schools has several subcommittees continuing to modify our back to school plan for the 2020-2021 school year.  Please click on the link to the left for committee membership.  Below are links to communications from our Superintendent, links to press releases and media stories, and guidance provided to school districts from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. The first day of school for students in grades 1-12 was Monday, September 14.  All students, except students in shop at Westfield Technical Academy, started school remotely.  The first day of school for Kindergarten and Preschool students was Monday, September 21, 2020.  Questions about our Return to School Plan should be directed to schools.  Thank you. 

Superintendent's Letter to Families 10-28-2020

WPS Return to School Plan Update 10-19-2020

Special Education Update 10-7-2020

Superintendent's Letter to Families 10-6-2020

WPS PRESS RELEASE Remote Learning Centers 10-2-2020

WPS Health Office Update 9-29-2020

Tips to Succeed at Virtual Learning (Video)

Curriculum and Instruction Update Letter: 504 Plans 9-21-2020

WPS Return to School Plan 2020-2021 Revised 9-21-2020

Superintendent's Update Chromebook Information 9-18-2020

Special Education Update 9-16-2020

Social Emotional Learning 2020-2021 9-13-2020

Superintendent's Letter to Families 9-12-2020

Google Classroom Guardians - Kiker Learning 9-11-2020

Grab and Go Lunches 9-11-2020

Westfield High School 2020-2021 School Year Frequently Asked Questions 9-11-2020

WPS Return to School Plan Timeline 9-8-2020

Munger Hill Reopening Plan 2020-2021 9-9-2020

SRS Reopening Plan 2020-2021 9-9-2020

Westfield High School Reopening Plan 2020-2021 9-9-2020

Franklin Avenue Reopening Plan 2020-2021 9-9-2020

Fort Meadow Reopening Plan 2020-2021 9-9-2020

Paper Mill Reopening Plan 2020-2021 9-9-2020

Westfield Middle School Reopening Plan 2020-2021 9-9-2020

Westfield Technical Academy Reopening Plan 2020-2021 9-8-2020

Westfield Intermediate School Reopening Plan 2020-2021 9-8-2020

Highland School Reopening Plan 2020-2021 9-8-2020

Abner Gibbs Reopening Plan 2020-2021 9-8-2020

Superintendent's Letter to Families 9-4-2020  9-3-2020

Parent Google Sessions 9-01-2020

Guidance for Student Groups and School Events 8-31-2020

EEC_DESE Guidance FINAL 8-28-2020

MIAA Fall Sports Guidelines 8-28-2020

School Committee Policy EBCFA Face Coverings 8-26-2020

MA School Immunization Requirements 8-26-2020

Influenza Requirements for Kindergarten Grade 12 8-26-2020

Influenza Requirement for Children 6 months and older Information 8-26-2020

WPS A and B week calendar revised 8-24-2020

2020-2021 District Guidelines for Screening Students for Services 8-24-2020

WTA Career and College Timeline Class of 2021 8-24-2020

WHS College and Career Timeline Class of 2021 8-24-2020

DPH-DESE School Safety Alignment 8-19-2020

DESE-DPH Joint Safety Memo 8-19-2020

MIAA-DESE Sports Guidance 8-18-2020

Special Education Update Letter 8-15-2020

MA GOV Phase-3 step 1 Youth and Amateur Sports 8-14-2020

WPS Return to School DRAFT Plan 2020-2021 8-14-2020

Superintendent's Spotlight/Rock on Westfield 8-13-2020

2020-21 Enrollment Verification Form

Superintendent Letter to Families 8-12-2020

WPS 2020-2021 Calendar Revised

Return to School Presentation to School Committee 8-10-2020

WPS FAQ's 8-9-2020

Superintendent Letter to Families 8-9-2020

DESE Social Emotional Guidance 8-3-2020

DESE Guidance Science Lab Safety 8-3-2020

WPS Draft Reopening Plan 7-31-2020

Superintendent's Letter to Families 7-30-2020

CTE Reopening Guidelines 7-29-2020

Additional Staff Training Days this Fall 7-27-2020 7-21-2020

Superintendent's Letter to Parents 7-21-2020

DESE Reopening FAQ

Fall Remote Learning Guidance

Fall Reopening Facilities and Operations Guidance

Fall Reopening K-12 Transportation Guidance

Guidance for courses requiring additional safety considerations

Guidance on Required Safety Supplies for Re-Opening Schools

Guidance on Special Education 7-09-2020

Classroom Diagrams Suggestions 7-2-2020

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