Personal Service Agreements

The following are the most current personal service agreements for School Department employees.

Baker, Justin - Principal

Barry, Shannon - Grants Projects Coordinator

Boudreau, Sarah - Autism Consultant

Bourque, Katherine - Principal

Burgess, Stacy - Principal

Ceglowski, Paula - Director of Human Resources

Cellilli, Stefanie - Behaviorist

Czaporowski, Stefan - Superintendent

Dargie, Susan - Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Frieri, Salvatore - Principal

Garand, Adam - Director of Special Services

Hamilton, Alison - Principal

Hentnick, Joanne - Principal

Hupfer, Kristine - Drug Counselor

​Jablonski, Richard - Supervisor of Custodians and Maintenance

Jendrysik, Charles - Principal

Kamal, Heather - Behaviorist

Kennedy, Cynthia - Principal

Kennedy, Karen - Austism Consultant

Kotarski, Pamela - Director of Transportation and Business Support

Kozikowski, Katherine - Behaviorist

Langone, Joseph - Principal 

Larkham, Annie - Human Resources Specialist

Mahoney, Kathryn - Special Education Program Coordinator

Manning, Mary - Principal

O'Donnell, Kathleen - Principal​

O'Neill, James - Austism Consultant

Peterson, Sheri - Behaviorist

Petitt, Sharon - Transportation Coordinator

Pretola, Susan - Supervisor of Cafeterias​

​Rix, Ron - Director of Technology and Business Services

Rogers, Christopher - Administrator of Student Interventions

Ruszala, Denise - Director of Assessment and Accountability

St.Peter-Sanft, Frances - Principal

Taloumis, Peter - Director of Career Vocational Technical Education

Vocca, Mark - Data and Assessment Specialist