Superintendent's Office
Stefan Czaporowski, Superintendent of Schools 572-6403
Cindy Minicucci, Superintendent's Assistant 572-6403
Business Office
Shannon Barry, Interim School Business Administrator 572-6407
        Joanne Lemelin, Grants Manager/Budget Analyst 572-6555

Kimberly Adamczyk, Business Office Specialist 572-6407
Sue Crawford, Accounts Payable 572-6415
Lisa Kennedy, Accounts Payable 572-6344
Mary Ann Romani, Accounts Payable 642-9036
Christine Swords, Payroll 572-6434
Curriculum& Instruction, Assessment & Accountability 
Denise Ruszala, Asssessment & Accountability 642-9320
Susan Dargie, Curriculum & Instruction 562-2298
Laura Surprise, Secretary, Assessment 642-9320
Laurie Chistolini, Secretary, Curriculum 562-2298
Mark Vocca, Data & Assessment Specialist 642-9035
Ryan Dunphy, Athletic Supervisor 572-6484
Student Interventions and Safety/McKenney-Vento
Christopher Rogers, Administrator 572-6397
Alice Flynn, Secretary 572-6397
Human Resources
Paula Ceglowski, Director of Human Resources 572-6550
Nicole Landry, HR Specialist 642-9364
Rebecca Sullivan, HR Specialist 572-6550
Lynn Hills, Benefit Coordinator 564-3176
School Food Services
Rachel Kania, Director of Food Services  572-6493
Kristene Sporbert, Secretary 642-9361
Special Education & Student Support
Debra Ecker, Administrator 572-6556
Lisa Darling, Secretary 572-6556
Sarah Kotarski, Secretary 572-6439
Rashad Milledge, Secretary 572-6556
Susan Zarichak, Medicaid Specialist 572-6284
Pamela Kotarski, Transportation & Business 572-6599
Beth Jablonski, Coordinator 572-6599
Volunteers in Public Schools
Tina Macy 572-6345