Books.png                               June 2015

Dear Students and Parents,

            Summer is here and yes, we want you to get outside and have fun.  And yes, we want you to enjoy time relaxing.  But we also want you to learn about the true joy you can experience by finding yourself immersed in a great story! 

              Reading is like a sport and requires practice and skill.  You can listen to stories that are too hard for you to read on your own.  You can read stories to younger children that are easy for you to read.  And there are books that are 'just right' in that they are not too hard and not too easy.  We believe Reading is THE most important skill for you to learn for your future.  No matter what you do in life, you will need to know how to read to continue learning.  So, read for FUN and get better at it at the same time.

            We have attached a recommended reading list and a reading log.  Please return your signed log to your teacher on the first day of school.

              Parents, here are some ideas to encourage reading:

  • Let your student see you reading for pleasure
  • Pack a book wherever you go this summer
  • Balance reading and electronics
  • Help your student explore different kinds of books (action, sports, biographies, science fiction, mysteries, etc.).

Additional reading lists are available at the following websites:

            New York Public Library


            Thanks to Waltham Public Schools for the attached reading lists.


Happy Reading,

Suzanne Scallion                                                      Susan Dargie

Superintendent                                                         Director of Curriculum & Instruction