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Dear Students and Parents,

            As Westfield Public Schools continues to improve literacy programs, it is now time to think about summer reading. The goals of the program remain the same: 

*       Reinforce the habit of reading for pleasure, enrichment, and information.

*       Encourage continuous reading during the summer months.

Research indicates that the more students read or listen to books read aloud, the better students read.  Research also indicates that students who do not read regularly throughout the summer lose reading skills that must be rebuilt once school begins again.

The structure of the program remains constant.  It is still our expectation that every student will read over the summer. The reading choice may be made from the list provided for the grade that the student is entering in the fall or may be any other book suitable for the student's grade-level. It is important to select books that challenge a student as well as interest him or her. This list may also be found on the Westfield Public Schools Website ( and the Westfield Athenaeum Website (  Books may be obtained from a variety of local bookstores, the Westfield Athenaeum, and the Boys and Girls Club.

This booklet also contains a contract.  Please complete the contract by noting the titles and authors of the books read. It is expected that all students will read books appropriate for their grade level/reading level. The contract must be signed by the student and the parent or guardian to indicate fulfillment of the Summer Reading requirements.  Contracts will be accepted from September 3, 2013 to September 13, 2013. Participation in the Summer Reading Program will be recorded on the student’s report card.

The Westfield Public Schools remain committed to the improvement of reading and writing, the primary components of the learning process.


Dr. Suzanne Scallion

Superintendent of Schools