Laird Wiggin, 2013 Awardee


laird wiggin

2013 Awardee Laird Wiggin with Principal O'Donnell

The 2013 recipient of the "Unsung Hero" award is Mr. Laird Wiggin, a valued volunteer at Southampton Road School. He has helped out in our schools over the last 10 years, beginning at Moseley Elementary School and moving to Southampton Road School in recent years. During this school year Mr. Wiggin volunteered over 215 hours tutoring students who needed extra assistance in math. Mr. Wiggin said he was "surprised to be so recognized as I thought that there must be many long serving folks deserving of this recognition ahead of me...It is a pleasure for me to serve the Westfield Public Schools in this way." He went on to add "Also, kudos to Kathy O'Donnell and all of the teachers and staff at Southampton Road School. They are truly the "Unsung Heros" of Westfield!"

To quote Mrs. Kathy O'Donnell, Southampton Road School Principal:
"Mr. Wiggin volunteers at Southampton Road School every year for multiple full days each week....He gives kids an extra dose of basic math facts so they can catch up to their peers. Mr. Wiggin tells us he enjoys spending his day with the students as much as we enjoy having him."