Parent Tip Sheets

Parent Tip Sheets


 Making Transitions Easier  How to make transitions to new a grade/school easier 
 Preventing Morning Madness  Proactive tips on how to ease the morning  rush on school days
 Success in School  How to help your child succeed in school
 Having a Successful Conference  A list of things to think about and discuss at conferences
 Parent Teacher Conference Tips  Tips to help you make the most of your conference
 Back to School Parent Primer      A glossary of terms used by teachers and administrators
 Getting Ready for Kindergarten  Ways families can prepare for kindergarten


 Children and the Internet  12 things you can do to protect your child
 Internet Acronyms for Parents     Acronyms and abbreviations children use on the internet
 Educational Vocabulary Primer  A glossary of educational terms
 Procrastination Situation  Recognizing procrastination and helping your child overcome it
 In Danger of Failing  What can be done if your child is near failing
 Learning Styles  Learning styles and your child
 Internet & Cellphone Safety  The dangers and benefits of technolgy
 Bullying  What parents need to know about bullying


 Homework Do's and Don'ts  How to make homework time more productive and easier
 Homework Contracts  Parent - child homework contracts
 Homework Tips - Elementary  Helping students learn good homework habits
 Making the Most of Homework  Why? How much? How can I help?


 The 5 Components of Reading  Explanations and examples of the components of reading
 Improving Writing  How to broaden writing vocabulary
 Graphic Organizers  A parents guide to graphic organizers
 How to Read with Children  Suggestions to make reading more fun and interactive
 Learning in Two Languages  Raising bi-lingual children
 Reading Tip Sheets  Grade by grade tip sheets


 Math Word Problems      Tips to help your child solve math word problems
 Helping with Math Homework  Helping your child complete math assignments
 Your Involvement Matters - Math  Parents can help children develop math skills


 Talking to Teens  Communicating with teens
 Teens and Decision Making  Situation, Options, Disanvantages, Advantages, Solutions
 Middle School Reading Anxiety  Reducing middle school reading anxiety
 Middle School Math Strategies  Math principles and tips to reinforce them
 Is This Normal?  Teen behavior


 Keep Learning Alive  Learning destinations in Massachusetts
 Science in Summer  Spark your child's interest in science
 Summer Daze to Learning Days  Making the most of summer

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