About VIPS

"We believe the quality of children's education can be enhanced by the involvement
of the many diverse community members and civic organizations found in the City of Westfield"

Specifically we...
  • Develop and implement programming to respond to the diverse needs of the Westfield Public Schools.
  • Provide a venue for all the schools in the district to share information, ideas and resources
  • Serve as an informational link among Westfield Public Schools administrators, staff, parents,students and the Westfield community and business members
  • Interact with various school task forces that meet the needs of Westfield Public Schools students.

VIPS Coordinator
Tina Macy

Board of Advisors
Marj Camerlin

Leslie Clark-Yvon

Amber Danahey

Vicki Netzer

Chris Tolpa
Annual Report 2015

Established in 1993, Volunteers in Public Schools, Inc is 501(c)(3) organization serving the students and staff of the Westfield Public Schools