Read 180/System 44

 READ 180 / SYSTEM 44 

The Title 1 Program collaborates with other funding sources to offer a  district-wide intervention program for struggling readers. Read 180 and System 44 are research-based approaches used to raise reading achievement. 

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READ 180 is a comprehensive system of curriculum, instruction, assessment, and professional development proven to raise reading achievement. The Read 180 system spans three stages (upper elementary, middle and high school). It is designed to accommodate Special Education students and English Language Learners.

The goal of the program is to bring students up to grade level expectations. Working with each student at their individual level and pace, READ 180 teaches students to read, question, comprehend, and respond to increasingly complex texts. The program is a combination of small group and individual instruction. Teachers begin and end each session with whole-group instruction that engages the entire class. In between, students break into groups and rotate through three stations for small-group and independent learning - small group instruction, modeled and independent reading and instructional software.
READ 180 is designed to help your child develop and improve their skills in the following areas: 
Phonics: The lowest-level students learn how to “decode” text by understanding how letters and spelling patterns stand for sounds..

 Students practice reading smoothly, accurately, and with confidence and expression. They read and listen to texts on the computer and teacher-guided reading and instruction. 
Reading Comprehension:
 Students learn and practice comprehension skills and strategies, such as finding main ideas, summarizing the important parts of a text, and understanding causes and effects. These strategies help them better understand and remember what they read.


Global Perspectives:
The readings focus on diverse people and cultures.
College and Career Readiness Skills

For more information on Read 180, visit Scholastic's Read 180 Family Portal

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SYSTEM 44 is designed for our most challenged readers in grades 3-14. System 44 helps students build a strong phonics foundation by helping them master the 44 sounds and 26 letters of the English language. It is used daily (55–60 minutes) with a small class (10–12 students). Students use special software to gain intensive, individualized instruction and skills practice. Teachers present small group instruction based on data from the software. 
For more information on System 44, visit Scholastic's System 44 Family Portal