Dan Gelina, 2008 Awardee

Dan Gelina

2008 Unsung Hero Award Winner

The third recipient of the "Unsung Hero" award to Mr. Dan Gelina.  Ray, nominated by his friends at Southampton Road School, has volunteered for three years. 

Some excerpts from his nomination:

Thank you Dan Gelina for representing all of VIPS volunteers so well by your exceptional service to your school! We couldn't do it without you!
You will find some of our year end reports and you are welcome to a copy.  Two highlights I'd like to mention:

The number of hours reported this year on the increase.  Our sign in sheets show that volunteers have signed in for 10,416 hours.  This contribution in dollars is $203,216.  The other notable accomplishment is that we will celebrate 15 years of service to Westfield Public Schools in the upcoming school year.

We couldn't have accomplished any of our goals that we originally set out without your valuable assistance and we thank you!