Daniele Sturmer, 2010 Awardee

Daniele Sturmer

 2010 Unsung Hero Award Winner

Daniele Sturmer is the fifth recipient of the "Unsung Hero" award.  She was nominated by Kathy MacLean, the Southampton Road School Principal.  Kathy said:
"Daniele is the true definition of an "unsung hero".  Her contributions to Southampton Road School are endless; each year she seems to do more than she did the year before - and has done so for four years already!  She is a daily volunteer logging in more than 450 hours on the volunteer time log and those are just the hours she signed in for.  Whether she is in the office, outside, in the cafeteria, or in the halls of the school, Daniele uses every minute of her time to make our school a better place.  Our school is a better place because of her."
Thank you  Daniele for representing all of VIPS volunteers so well by your exceptional service to your school!  We couldn't do it without you!  This plaque will remain in your school this year as a reminder of your contribution to our schools.