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ST (Spatial-Temporal ) Math is a math software program that promotes problem solving.It helps teachers reach all students at their level, and provides students with the opportunity to be successful learners. ST Math combines classroom instruction with online math games and puzzles. These activities emphasize working with math concepts rather than fact memorization. They start off simply and get more challenging as a student progresses. When a student reaches a  challenging problem, he or she is provided with visual feedback to help them figure out why their answer did or did not work. It is very important that if your child is stuck, you should not simply give your child the correct answer to get them past the game. 
Selected games are also available at home or on any other computer with Internet access. In addition to assigned games from your student’s teacher, he or she will always have access to the games already passed. Your child can play those games from home to review concepts and practice skills he or she has learned in ST Math. 
Watch a video about ST Math and its approach to learning math.
For more information on ST Math and how your child can access games at home, contact your school.

ST logo

JiJi is the penguin in the ST Math software games. Children help JiJi get past obstacles by solving math puzzles – and they associate JiJi with challenge, learning and success. Every time a child demonstrates understanding of a math concept, JiJi crosses the screen, signaling success and leading the student to the next more challenging puzzle.