Westfield High School

Westfield High School became a Title 1 school this year. Your school has a Schoolwide Title 1 Program - every student is considered a Title 1 student and benefits from parts of the program. Westfield High School has developed a schoolwide plan which allows Title 1 funds to be combined with other federal funds to upgrade the overall educational program of the school. All staff, resources, and classes are part of the overall Schoolwide program.  
Title 1 funds are intended to supplement (add to) district programs. They are additional resources to provide services beyond the basic educational program of a school and school district. This may be in the form of staff, training or supplies. Sometimes, a program or intervention is completely funded and maintained by Title 1. In other instances, Title 1 funds are used to introduce a new program into a school, with the goal of LEA (local educational agency - state and local funding) taking over the costs once it is established. An example of this is the Read180 and System 44 reading programs. Title 1 funds may also be used to train and support staff in new and innovative programs, even after the funding has transferred to the district level. 

Title 1 has a mentoring program at WHS for students at academic risk. Mentoring is a one-to-one relationship between a youth and an adult that occurs over a prolonged period to time. The mentor provides consistent support, guidance and concrete help to the student. The goal of student mentoring is to help students involved in the mentoring program to gain the skills and confidence to be responsible for their own futures. Students benefit by:

    • receiving the support and guidance of a caring adult
    • receiving assistance with academic endeavors
    • experiencing greater self-esteem and motivation to succeed
    • receiving encouragement to stay in school and graduate
    • receiving encouragement to avoid the use of drugs and alcohol
    • improving interpersonal relationships, such as with teachers and family
    • receiving assistance in choosing a career path

2019-2020 Home-School Learning Compact 
A Home School Learning Compact is a written agreement between the school, parent/guardian and student which defines the responsibilities of each in promoting student success. Compacts are required for schools receiving Title 1 funds.

WHS Family Involvement Policy 

For more information on the WHS Mentoring Program contact a Guidance Counselor or Christopher Rogers, Administrator of Student Interventions