Westfield Middle School

Westfield Middle School has a Schoolwide Title 1 Program - every student is considered a Title 1 student and benefits from parts of the program. Westfield Middle School has developed a schoolwide plan which allows Title 1 funds to be combined with other federal funds to upgrade the overall educational program of the school. All staff, resources, and classes are part of the overall Schoolwide program. 
Title 1 funds are used to supplement (add to) district programs. They are additional resources to provide services beyond the basic educational program of a school and school district. In 2013 the Title 1 program began investing in new, computer-based math and reading programs, and the professional development of staff in these new methods of learning. Read 180 / System 44 and ST Math and Math 180 combine classroom instruction and hands-on experiences for students to provide instruction that address each students strengths and weaknesses.These programs are being gradually introduced throughout the district, as funds and training permit.  

Title 1 funds or supports through professional development, many programs at Westfield Middle School School, including:
- A mentoring program offering academic, social and emotional support
- Small group mathematics assistance from a math specialist who provides
  classroom support and intervention
- Read 180 and System 44 remedial reading programs
- Math 180
- A Summer Bridges summer school program

- Family nights and parent resources

 2019-2020 Home-School Learning Compact 
A Home School Learning Compact is a written agreement between the school, parent/guardian and student which defines the responsibilities of each in promoting student success. Compacts are required for schools receiving Title 1 funds.

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