Letter from the Superintendent Regarding WPS Student Safety

Letter from the Superintendent Regarding WPS Student Safety
Posted on 02/26/2018
Student Safety

February 27, 2018                                                           

Dear Parents and Colleagues, Members of the Westfield Community,

Before winter break, we all learned of a devastating shooting at a Florida high school. Our sympathies go out to the families, school staff and communities affected by this inconceivable tragedy. We know that an incident of this magnitude is troubling to adults and children alike as we struggle to comprehend why tragedies such as this occur.

Please know that the safety of our students, staff and faculty is our number one priority in the Westfield Public Schools. Our schools continue to work hard at developing and refining our building emergency preparedness plans. These plans have been developed in coordination with Westfield Police, Fire and Emergency Management Departments and their extensive training and guidance has been at the forefront of our planning. We have in turn trained our school employees and regularly practice these skills in preparation for scenario-based events at every school. Please be assured that preparedness for emergencies has been and continues to be a focus in our schools.

Our schools are ready with counseling support on hand for those who need additional reassurance. Please let your school principal or counselor know if you have specific concerns about your child. We will also encourage our schools to review their crisis plans as well as reinforce school security and campus visitor procedures. As in the past, we will continue communicating with our families and school communities to build greater awareness regarding school safety. In a world of uncertainty, we will continue our work together to ensure the security and well-being of all students and staff in our schools.


Stefan Czaporowski
Superintendent of Schools
Westfield Public Schools