Internet Safety


(Ages 5-10)

This resource is designed to introduce younger children to basic Internet safety concepts through interactions with animated characters—Clicky, a yellow robot, and the sister-and-brother team, Nettie and Webster. Children learn the importance of being safer on- and offline from the repetition of safety messaging in Clicky’s songs. The ultimate goal of NetSmartzKids is to teach children to identify online dangers and practice safer behaviors.

(Ages 8-13)

Inspired by the revival of comic-book themed movies and TV shows, the NSTeens materials work to engage the hard-to-reach tween audience. These resources feature a diverse cast of eight characters who engage tweens on issues such as cyberbullying and sharing too much information. NSTeens simplifies complicated Internet safety concepts for children as they begin to interact with more sophisticated technology, such as cell phones and social networking sites. These lessons prepare tweens to protect themselves online and encourage them to be active members of their digital communities.

Teens Talk Back
(Ages 8-17)

 In these short, informal interview pieces, teens voice their thoughts and share their online experiences. Pair them with the videos from the NSTeens series to spur dynamic conversations about current online issues.

Real Life Stories
(Ages 11-17)

These teen materials take a more serious tone than the other NetSmartz resources; they focus on real-life stories shared by actual teens who have experienced victimization firsthand and encourage teens to learn from their peers’ mistakes. The narratives teach teens to recognize risky behaviors and evaluate their online choices, and encourage them to communicate with trusted adults.

Quick Tips For Parents & Guardians

Parenting wired kids can be difficult, especially if you didn't grow up with the same technologies. These resources can help.